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The use of online applications as the first stage of the recruitment process is now standard practice for many organisations. Often companies receive 100+ applications for a single role so with this level of competition it’s more important than ever that your application stands out from the crowd and, furthermore, that you ensure silly mistakes do not end up ruining your chances!

Our first piece of advice would be: be selective! Some graduates make the mistake of panic applying for any and every internship advertised on the GA website, irrespective of whether they meet the requirements of the position or whether it is relevant to their career goals.

Instead, relax and formulate a clear and considered game plan – consider what you would really like to do, and the career steps required to get there. Then make a list of the key vacancies that appeal to you and apply for them!

Consider the location of the company

A number of graduates are very keen to submit online applications for vacancies but they haven’t considered the feasibility of getting to the company location. It is essential that you assess whether or not you can travel to the organisation and the time it would take, especially if you do not have your own means of transportation but use public transport instead. This may influence whether or not a particular vacancy is right for you.

Always think before you type

Tailor each application

Although it can be tempting to cut and paste responses to similar questions from previous applications – recruiters have a sixth sense for this kind of thing and won’t be impressed! Try to avoid this wherever possible and make every effort within each answer to show why you want the particular position you are applying for.

Show your writing skills

Clarity, accuracy and attention to detail are important skills for jobs in all sectors. Therefore, it is vital you demonstrate that you recognise this!

Write the right amount

It can be difficult to gauge how much to write when no word count is given. As a general rule, a couple of well-written, carefully structured paragraphs are enough to answer most questions. If too brief, the recruiter may question your motivation and how interested you are in the role. However, on the whole, too little is better than too much.

Use the right language

Formality in your application is a must so always write in full and grammatically correct sentences.

Check it through

Do follow up

Always aim to follow up your application with a phone call a few days after it’s been submitted online. The recruiters will hopefully be impressed by your enthusiasm. However, be careful not to call too soon or too often as you don’t want to come across as pushy!

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