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Kiran Muralidharan – Real Tribe Limited

BSc Business and Management student

Real Tribe is a social influencer marketing agency that works with brands to translate and share their marketing messages through highly effective marketing campaigns that utilise the trust and audiences of social media influencers. As a new and growing agency, Real Tribe are continuing to build influencer relationships, develop marketing strategy, sales pipeline and internal processes and are working on achieving effective outreach and on boarding of new social media influencers for core Real Tribe campaigns.

Mike Bandar Co-Founder of Real Tribe recruited Kiran as a Social Media Influencer Liaison after he graduated in July 2016 with a 1st in Business and Management. Kiran’s main role at Real Tribe involved identifying the right social influencers for Real Tribe’s Uber campaign and building relationships with those influencers to further promote the Uber brand.

Kiran commented on the reason he decided to apply for this internship through Graduate Advantage by saying, “For me it was getting experience in something that I enjoy doing rather than just doing a role for the sake of it. I wanted to keep myself ticking after graduating rather than having a long period of inactivity after university. I saw this particular opportunity and thought this is something that really interests me and links a lot to the things I enjoyed learning about in my degree. For instance because on my business and management course I was able to choose a lot of marketing related modules, I was able to practically apply this knowledge here”.  

When asked about the most unexpected benefit of taking this internship Kiran said, “I remember thinking when I initially applied for this role that because Real Tribe is a smaller company it would limit my potential to network. However because of the nature of their work and the people they’ve already built relationships with, it’s actually enabled me to extend my contacts in a way that I never thought was possible! I’ve found the role really interesting because I’ve had the chance to speak to quite a few famous people which was unexpected but fun as well! Because I’m quite an introverted person, being able to speak to lots of people on a daily basis has really helped grow my confidence in terms of building relationships”.

Mike commented on his experience of hiring an intern through the Graduate Advantage team by saying, “Usually we don’t take interns in and the reason for this is because I never really feel like there is a good value exchange between a business and an intern particularly if they are unpaid, which we don’t like to do. I found two weeks a good amount of time for an internship because the aim of us taking an intern on is to have a bit of a test period, where we can have someone on a contained project and see by the end of the two weeks from beginning to end how effective they’ve been and depending on this, the objective is that we then have the option to expand our team if we want to”.

In terms of the application process through Graduate Advantage from an employer’s perspective Mike said, “The value of hiring an intern through Graduate Advantage is that by working with a range of local universities, it gives you that level of confidence that the graduates are of a high calibre, so I think for us that is almost a blanket of safety. The other massive thing is that there is no paperwork on our side which was a big help!

Hiring an intern was extremely worthwhile because over the two weeks Kiran not only looked at different areas of influencers, but he’s actually been outreaching them, building relationships, bringing people onto the campaign and also helping us continue to improve our processes of bringing people on.

In short, hiring an intern through Graduate Advantage added value to our team through safe means!”

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