3 Tips for Choosing the Right Graduate Role

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Written by Samantha Condliffe – Digital Marketing Executive

1. Size Matters

Put some careful consideration into the size of the company you want to work for. A large company has very different characteristics to a small company and what may be a positive for one person can be a negative for another. Larger companies offer bigger or multiple offices which are often more luxurious due to bigger budgets. With this comes travel between locations, more people and a busier working environment whereas small to medium sized company tend to have a single head office location which may not be as fancy but more cosy with a smaller group of people. Budgets also impact on company benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay and maternity/paternity pay. Larger companies can afford to offer generous packages whereas smaller companies may struggle to offer the same level of benefits. You should also consider what kind of progression you are looking for. Larger companies have a really deep hierarchical structure meaning you start out very far from the top but can make lots of little leaps whereas the structure of a small/medium sized company is much more shallow meaning you have more contact with the decision makers and whilst progression opportunities may be less frequent you can make one big jump at once.

2. Location Location Location

You have probably already decided if you are going to stay in your current location or make the move to pastures new, but it is surprising how many people don’t thoroughly check out a jobs location before applying and accepting an offer. When looking at potential roles you should figure out how far the journey is from where you are/will be based. If you drive then AA Route Planner is perfect for this or if you are planning on using public transport then ensure you check out all of the available routes. In each case you should calculate how long it will take, what time you will need to leave in the morning and what time you will return home in the evening. Think carefully about how manageable this is and what kind of impact it will have on your life. You also need to calculate the costs of travel and how this weighs up against your income. If you are open to moving wherever a job takes you this can be really exciting but remember to do your homework too. Visit the area in advance, check out property listings and make sure you have a good idea of the cost of living and again consider how this weighs up against your income.

3. Passion is Everything

You’ve got your degree in a specific area, you enter it into the job search sites and you’re presented with numerous options. The first things that people tend to check first are salary, location, qualifications and duties and forget to actually check the industry in which you will be working. Some adverts don’t disclose this so you may have to do a little digging or apply and ask if they respond. I can’t stress how much of a difference it makes to your work life if you have a personal interest in the industry you work in. For example if you land an advertising job in a bin bag company your working life will be completely different to if you are working in advertising for a fashion, sports, entertainment company or anything that you have a genuine passion for. As a wise man once said – ‘chose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life’.

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